Learn how 4EvrCarma is utilizing the SDG's. 

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We provide a living wage to women recovering in trauma centers in the U.S. and women in India where the materials are sourced.


Works with CGE to enable women and families to become physically as well as mentally healthy.

Provides employees with living wages so they can have enough money to buy nutritious food for themselves and their families, and extra to start savings.

Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

Focusing on providing women jobs  and equal opportunity throughout our business.

Doesn’t use plastic and tries to minimize water use in all production practices

We don’t use energy intensive practices and continuously innovate to use minimal energy in our production process.

Our goal is to pay living wages and support them so that women can not only get by but also reinvest their earnings into the community

Partnering with CGE, which has a center in every major city and is a safe place for women, children, men, and families to go for shelter and guidance. Also paying wages that allow employees to invest in a quality place to live.

By focusing our efforts on women, we are empowering a disadvantaged portion of the population. Specifically women in poor communities and women who have been affected by abuse, trauma, and addiction.

Uses waste for production materials and educates consumers on the issue of waste and throw away economy when they consume product through website information, social media, and label

Eliminating materials from waste stream, which reduces burdens on landfills and turns waste into a useful product, educating consumers on the issue of waste, and serving as an example for other companies

We don’t use plastic materials that would degrade in water and pollute marine life, and we provide an environmentally and socially conscious alternative to plastic bags

We encourage sustainable land management, preservation of forests and open spaces, and protection of biodiversity and critical habitat. Our extraction of trash from the waste stream helps maintain healthy and clean land and forests

We support justice and fairness in government and help women have access to justice through providing them with a living wage and guiding them on a path to economic independence and stability

We work across borders of countries and continents to provide a global solution to the global issue of waste, and we support other global solutions because when a diverse group of people come together, stronger solutions are created

By paying our workers fair wages, they can better afford safe, adequate housing